“Piece by Piece” Paperback

Traveling through life is like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle without having the cover of the box for reference. You can approach it from many angles, still no matter how hard you try, in the beginning it’s frustrating because you haven’t put enough pieces together to see the bigger picture.

Thirteen-year-old Molly Marcelli’s life was like that. She was bullied by Jessica, her used-to-be best friend. Jessica was popular. Molly used to be popular but everything changed. Then, after a disaster at camp, she took an insulin overdose hoping to end her loser life.

Instead, she found herself in the hands of Paul, an angel, who was determined to change her path. In his company, Molly visited the lives of several people she thought she knew. She was shocked to learn their secrets and through their struggles learned why life is so important.

Piece by Piece is a beautifully woven coming-of-age story. The evolution of Molly
from self-defeated and judgmental to confident and compassionate resonates with teens and adults alike.

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“Wake Up!” Paperback
Traveling from good enough to great

Wake Up! is a beautifully written triumph over tragedy memoir. It’s a candid look at humanity and the potential that resides in each of us to grow past even our biggest challenges. A childhood trauma leads to misguided thinking and a chameleon-like approach to life for Wendy. Even winning the parent lottery couldn’t change the detour she was traveling. However, in her late forties, a series of seemingly random events, take her to an Ironman championship. As Wendy crosses the finish line, she realizes that she’s crossing the starting line to her new life. Little did she know what that would entail. Regardless of your age or circumstance, you’ll laugh and cry as you travel through life’s maze with this author. The story will wake you up to the amazing gift of your own unique life.

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Corporate Champions
The little book of big rules

Corporate America is a strategic place. Those who play the game well succeed; those who don’t, sit on the bench wondering why others get all the opportunities. The stars in an organization, the favorites, those employees who get ahead quickly, don’t land in the limelight by accident. They understand the rules. When you follow the rules you win…and so does your organization. This little book explains the big rules. It will help you become a corporate champion.


“You Are Your Own Champion” Minibook

“You are defined, not by the challenges you face, but by how you face those challenges.” To become your own champion you have to use your coaches, recruit great talent, have a game plan, rebound when life is unfair, and believe you’re a superstar. This little workbook details the simple but important process that makes it possible.


“Imperfect Lives” Minibook

A mini book for teen-age girls, Imperfect Lives tells the story of four girls, now 24 years old, who wish they’d handled high school differently. They hope that their mistakes combined with their advice will make a difference.


Free recap for audiences

All students leave with the presentation with a summary in the form of a bookmark. The bookmark is a reminder of how to succeed in school and in life. Contact Wendy for extra copies.

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