What does it really take to get a customer to rave about your business?  If a company does exactly what we expect, we quickly forget the experience.  If they do less than we expect, we will complain about them, sometimes for years.  Like the time I was checking out of a hotel that I booked through Hotwire.  The hotel inadvertently slipped the room charges under my door and I realized I paid Hotwire $20.00 more per night than the hotel’s rate.  Yes, I’m still complaining about that to anyone who will listen.

We are quick to complain but what’s it take to get a customer to say great things about your business?  Believe it or not, we’re quick to rave too.  Just surprise us.  Do a little more than we expect with service or attitude.  Be determined to find a way to solve our problems and we’ll tell the world.  My local Verizon store managed to illustrate how easy it is to surprise a customer when I walked in with an iPad that I bought from a friend.

Earlier in the day I had struggled to get my custom e-mails to work.  Eventually I gave up, realizing that Apple’s definition of intuitive didn’t include me.  We don’t have an Apple store in my community so I figured I’d have to pay someone for help.  First, however, I thought I’d at least try Verizon, after all, I am a customer of theirs.  Maybe they’d do it for free.  Maybe the fee would be small.

The employee who greeted me at the door turned me over to an associate behind the counter who said he’d try.  He used his phone as a hotspot and my phone to find my e-mail settings.  After trying a few things he got both e-mails working…no charge for his effort either.  That’s when things got interesting.

I was so excited I said, “This is great, I feel like I should buy something.  Do you have anything I need?”  Another associate suggested I try the car dock.  I explained to him that I have one but it doesn’t keep my phone charged.  He asked me if it was in the car.  It was.  He told me to bring it in and they’d see if something was wrong.  Next thing I knew they were replacing it with a new one.  This made me even happier but I still hadn’t purchased anything so I told the guy I’d buy new screen protectors.  He said, “Do you want me to put one on for you?”  Seriously?

Then to top it off the associate who replaced my car dock showed me some other accessories and I told him I wished I could attach my phone to my golf bag.  He showed me a clip on holder that rotates…perfect.  Now I had two products so they gave me 30% off making me happier yet again.

I went into Verizon hoping to get e-mail working on my iPad and they surprised me.  I’ll be talking about it for a long time.  Great customer service really is that simple.


  1. Hi Wendy,

    Great post and you’re right great customer service is that simple! I work part time at my local grocery store and have so many people thank me for just putting a rubber band around their eggs and produce. These to me are just common sense and if we have buy one get one free I make sure the customer goes back and gets their free item too:) When we take ourselves out of the equation and focus on making it a little easier for someone else it comes back on us tenfold.

    God Bless,

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