Be grateful

It’s April 20th and we woke up to about a foot of snow.  We’d like to be golfing and biking.  We’re tired of winter so the storm is annoying.  Maybe it’s Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Slow down, be grateful, look at the gift I just gave you.  It’s beautiful.”  Yes it is.


Building trust

Whether your a kid helping someone navigate across a busy road or a book marketing expert helping someone navigate across the internet highway, your personal motivation matters.

Visualize to offset junk food advertising

I received a text from a fellow athlete yesterday.  She wrote:  Can you verbally kick my butt, about putting healthy food ONLY in my mouth!!!!! Yes, I could and I did.  However the thought lingered in my mind and as I watched March Madness on TV later, I was acutely aware of the way commercials pelted me…


Don’t let the little things bother you

My kids are joyfully home from school due to a spring snow storm.  I took my fourteen year old to the Y like I’ve done numerous times so he could shoot some hoops.  He has a routine of warm-up drills and if I have the time to hang out, I feed him the ball.  Today…


Three reasons bullying can be good for your children

It would be great if people treated each other with respect all of the time.  They don’t.  It would be great if schools could completely eliminate the bullying mentality from their corridors.  They can’t.  They can control it to some extent but kids who choose to be mean will find other ways to be mean like…


Be a Porsche

It’s March.  The February Challenge is over or is it?  What did you learn this year?   In a perfect world the Challenge wouldn’t be a challenge at all.   A slightly modified version of the first five rules should be the way we live just because we value the quality of our lives.   We should exercise for an…



After a long discussion with my daughter, we decided that most choices fall into one of three categories…

The Bathroom Scale

I confess that I rarely step on the bathroom scale.  I understand myself well enough to know that if I stand on the scale and see a number that I don’t like, I’ll feel bad about it for days.  Last fall when I went to see my doctor because of a prolonged sore throat, I opted not to…